Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary to me!

Three years ago today (well, yesterday actually, I'm a procrastinator!) I married my best friend and love of my life. We've been through hell and back and are stronger today because of it! I am blessed and honored to be your wife, Sean Turbeville. You drive me absolutely crazy, you are lazy (around the house) and messy, and keep the kids in their pajamas all day when you have them, and don't rub my back enough, but overall, you are amazing and wonderful and I'd be lost without you.

A little history if anyone cares to know....

Sean and I have been together almost 7 years! That's a long time when you're 25! We met my first semester in college when he was going to school on a baseball scholarship in Odessa, TX (my hometown) and I was going to school in Cleburne, TX. One of my good friends who was living in the dorms at Odessa College called me to tell me there were some insanely hot baseball players going to school that semester, and to get my butt home to meet one of them named "Turbo." Turns out "Turbo" was my little Mr. Turbeville, and I knew, seriously, that he was the one the minute I laid eyes on him. Well, I guess I should say I HOPED he was the one, because Lordy, was he HOT! So after our first date, we saw each other every day and were totally inseparable and were totally in love. Being that Sean was your typical, 19 year old jerk, things got rough and we ended up breaking up and Sean moved back to Houston (his hometown) and I wasn't sure we'd ever speak again. Then, I found out I was pregnant with Jaxon, and from then to now we were back and forth, then back and forth some more, then more back than forth until we got it together, made it work, got married and then had Layton. Needless to say, we are so blessed that God has gotten us to where we are today!

I love you Sean, happy anniversary and I know there will be many, many more to come!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Product Review!

Hooray for my first ever product review! I'm going to start trying to blog more often, and incorporate more than just stories about my life, kids, work, etc. into my blog. I'm sure those who do read my posts are either bored to death or only reading because they love me (but are still probably bored to death). 

Anyway, before I go into the review, let me just say, I am very girly. I love make up, love dressing up, and feel my best when I have a full face of make up on, hair done and wearing something cute. With that said, I am not a product junkie. I don't have tons and tons of drawers of different face washes, make up, acne treatment, perfumes etc. and I also don't believe that women have to buy the "expensive" stuff to look and feel their best. I am definitely a buy-my-make-up-at Walmart (or Walgreen's, Dollar General, etc.) kinda girl, and while I do splurge occasionally on expensive products, I am a frugal girl and I love when I get asked what kind of eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, whatever, I use and getting gasps when people find out it's not from MAC or whatever. So, without further ado (did I use that word correctly?) here's my first review:

Product: LORAC TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer

Cost: $32 (for a 5.7 ox tube)

Save or Splurge: Splurge (Before I'd tried this, I would have NEVER spent that much money on a bronzer).

Grade: A

Where to buy: Sephora

Verdict: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff! Being that I don't tan in a tanning bed anymore, and can't lay out at the pool or beach all year long, there are times when I am so pale it's just disgusting and I'm sure people think I'm a creepy emo/goth with my black hair and pale skin. 

Pros: This stuff is an instant bronzer that washes off in the shower and shows the color immediately. Meaning that if you have white legs (or white anything for that matter. I'm talking to you, pale thong wearing people at the beach!) and want instant color so you can wear a dress or shorts, you can put this on and have an instant, sun-kissed glow (without orange palms, bad smell, or waiting hours for the color to develop) that washes off in the shower. Another good thing about this product is it's ability to build the color, so you can achieve a light bronzing or very deep bronzing all from the same product.

Cons: Aside from the cost (Some may think $32 isn't that much, but I'm a Thrifty McCheapAss and wouldn't usually spend that much on ANY beauty product) the only con I'd have to mention would be that it can look streaky or uneven if not applied correctly or evenly. I usually mix mine with a dollop of lotion though and then spread it so it goes on smoothly.

So there you have it! My first product review, and hopefully the first of many. Now that my kiddos are getting older and a tad less expensive (no more diapers soon, woo hoo!) I am looking forward to being able to put a little more effort into my appearance again, as I did before I became Michelle Duggar with 35 kids and what not (not really, but that's how it feels sometimes.) I'm also kicking around the idea of going to Cosmetology school and maybe making a career out of that! If that ends up being the path that God puts me on, anyway. Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Princess Layton!

My precious baby girl, Layton Emma, turned 2 on February 23rd. I cannot believe that it's been two years since God blessed me with the sweetest baby girl that I could have ever asked for. Layton, someday you'll be able to read (hopefully, lol) and when you can, I hope you will read this:

I love you more than words could ever express. When I look at you, all is right with the world and time stands still. You have such a loving and caring heart, and it's amazing to watch you learn and explore and discover things with your beautiful and innocent outlook. You are so beautiful it's insane and so funny that it should be a crime. You make me laugh, cry, rejoice and a million other things in between. If I never accomplish anything else in this life, I can rest easy knowing I brought you into this world and the world is better because of that. You are perfect in every sense of the word and I couldn't be more proud, or more honored to be your mommy. I couldn't be more in love with you either. I could go on and on, but I'd run out of room to write about you. Happy 2nd birthday baby girl!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hey guys! Happy New Year! Oh, what's that? You say that it's already the 24th and that I'm way late on wishing you a Happy New Year? Yeah, that figures, but better late than never I always say. Lol. Anywho, this year is proving to be just like last year and the year before that, and by that I mean that it is already flying by. It seems like just yesterday we were counting down to 2012 and now here we are into the second month of the year almost. So what's been going on with me?

School: School started back up and I am taking Comp II, History before ___(Don't remember what year is supposed to go in the blank), Art appreciation and the dreaded math. I'm horrible at math, I mean like, beyond horrible. If I had to choose to take math classes forever or die an early death, I'd gladly say my goodbyes and get ready to croak. Seriously, math is just so tough for me. So, this is my second remedial course and I'm not totally sure that I'm going to enjoy this semester. Last semester, despite hating math, I enjoyed going to class and really felt like I was learning and accomplishing so much. My teacher was amazing and wonderful and it was just great. This time however, my teacher is my age, as in 25, has only been teaching for 2 years and just doesn't have that spunk that good, experienced teachers do. Plus it really annoys me when people with no kids complain about how crazy and busy their lives are. I just sit there and roll my eyes when she goes on her tangent about how her dogs are so hyper and she's so busy at work and blah blah blah. Lady, unless you are responsible for raising baby humans, changing diapers, feeding, bathing, and anything else that comes along with babies, you are NOT that busy. So, with that said, school is going okay so far. Lol.

Sean: Sean turned 26 yesterday (How cool his birthday is 123, right? Anyone?) and I can't believe how much we've grown since we began dating. Sean and I have been together since we were 19 (with a few breaks in between) and so it's blowing my mind to think that we truly are growing old together. While being older is scary to me, it's also such a blessing to be able to grow old with the man I also grew up with. I hope I live to be 99 so I can say I've been with my husband for 80 years! Some people dream of being a star or being rich, but not me. I just dream of being super old. Lol. Anyway, happy birthday Pookie Bear! Oh, and before I forget, if you're ever in Houston, you should definitely try this sushi restaurant we discovered. Holy Egg-rolls, people. We stumbled on this place after we went to several restaurants that all had wait times of an hour or more. Had it not been Sean's birthday, we just would've gone to Jack in the Box, that's how frustrated we were. After finding this place, it made up for every bit of craziness we endured in trying to find a place to eat. The name: Ra Sushi. The Food: Amazing. Atmosphere: So cool! It was like a club in a restaurant. Definitely not a quiet place, but super fun and relaxed and did I mention the food was amazing? We had lobster rolls that were served with lemon cream sauce, their "Chips and salsa" which was actually wonton chips served with ceviche, and last but not least, we had their fishbowl drink, which was literally served in a glass big enough to be a fish bowl. It was awesome and we will totally go there again!

Not sure what's in it, but OH MAN!


So. Good.

Offspring: My sweet little nuggets are doing wonderfully. Jaxon is so big and so smart and so perfect. He is really starting to thicken up quite a bit and his days of being tall and lanky are over. He has the most ghetto booty I've ever seen on a child, and muscular thighs and a fat little belly. He's built just like his hot daddy, which means I'm going to have to mace all the girls to keep them off him. Layton is also doing wonderfully and will be 2 next month. TWO!!!!!!!! When did my baby turn into a little girl? I'm having a bit of anxiety about her party not being planned yet (I am a meticulous planner of parties) but we are waiting until Sean gets back from working out of town to plan her party so he doesn't miss it.

Other than that, it's the same ol' same ol'. Work, school, homework, babies, cleaning, hubby, dog, and whatever else is on my plate that I forget about. It's a crazy life sometimes, but it's the life God has planned for me and I'm blessed to lead it. What have you been up to? Any New Years resolutions you've been working on?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

2011 was an amazing year for me for so many reasons. I am completely blessed and I feel like this past year was a growing period in my life. I've grown as a woman, wife, mother, daughter in Christ and friend, and it's been awesome. So as sad as I am to see 2011 leave, I am excited to see what 2012 has in store! Every year my resolutions are always the same, lose a metric ton of weight, stop eating chocolate, donate more, stop physically abusing Sean, be a better person, etc, and while those are good resolutions I guess, I feel like in order for me to accomplish something this year, they need to be more specific and I need to write them down and share them with people so I can actually be accountable for once. I don't want to look back at my list in July and say "Pshhh, I haven't stuck with my goals so screw it!" I want this year to be the year I actually put effort into my goals and see them realized. So, I am sharing my list with anyone who cares to read it, and my hope is that I am motivated and encouraged by friends/family to get 'er done, and to be able to look at this in a few months and feel like I've made progress. Here she goes:

Poor number one! You're still welcome when I'm changing diapers! (Get it? I'd rather change a number one diaper than a number two diaper?)

2012 Resolutions:
1. Be at a healthy weight (I won't say that I have to be a certain number on a scale to meet this goal, I just need to be at a weight that doesn't make me want to jump out the window when I weigh myself) which means I need to lose at least 20lbs. Sad face. 

2. Read the bible, cover to cover (I know, I know, I should've already done this by age 15 months or something, but I promise I'm not a monster for not having done this yet. I'm excited about it though! Plus I need to be able to recite verses for when I encounter nay-sayers, scallywags and atheists so I can school them on what the Word says!)

3. Build up our savings (Which means spending less money on eating out, unnecessary items, etc. I want my babies to have their college paid in full when they graduate high school!)

4. Tithe (Again, I feel like a Lucifer Jr. not giving 10% of our income faithfully, so I am really going to try to budget this in so that we make sure we are tithing properly)

5. Be accountable in all things (This means calling people back when I say I will, being on time, making sure everything I do is done to my best ability)

6. Be resilient and strong; don't let things that don't matter worry me (There are certain things and people that always get me down and always hurt my feelings. I've put my heart and soul into these relationships or circumstances and then end up being heart broken when those people let me down or things don't turn out the way they should. I need to be devoting the time and effort I spend on worrying about those negative things on my family, friends, work, God and things that make me happy and feel good about myself.)

So that's my list! It seems like a lot, but really these are things I should be working on daily anyway. When I think about my sweet babies and my family and friends, I owe it to them as well as myself to make these things happen this year! What about you? What are your resolutions? Did you meet your goals from last year's resolutions? I hope your New Year was fabulous and wonderful!

Friday, December 30, 2011


 * I thought I posted this entry back in September, but like the rocket scientist I am, I realized that I never finished it and it was just sitting in my drafts folder. The blogging part of my brain is underdeveloped apparently. So, if you're reading this, it was written circa September 25th-ish.

It's me, I'm alive and not dead in a ditch somewhere as I'm sure you assumed by now since I haven't posted anything since 1935. Just kidding, it's been like, 3 weeks, but it feels like forever. I've been busy with the kids, school, work, and we added a marriage growth group on Friday nights to our schedule. The hubby and I have gone twice now and we've loved it both times. It's always refreshing and rewarding for me to make more time for God during my week (I know that sounds awful that I don't put Him first every day, but I'm being honest here.) Sometimes it feels like Sunday is the only day when you really reflect on how blessed you are, and how amazing our God truly is, and then Monday-Saturday its back to being a selfish brat. I'm not talking about me, but you know, about, uhhh...other selfish brats. Anyway, so on top of my already enormous pile of responsibilities, I've added a few more, so I've been bad at keeping up with my blog. Not that any of you are losing sleep over me not posting something new in 5 years, lol.

Anyway, so to catch you up on the past few weeks, my best friends from Odessa, Ashley and Lindsey came to see me and we had a wonderful time. Among some of the awesome things we did were spending the day at the beach, going to the fabulous mall (the mall in Odessa is like a step up from being a Good Will) went to Kemah, ate at some fabulous places (Odessa is also lacking in the fine dining department) went dancing, etc. There were some hectic times being that my two, single girlfriends were staying with me and my two babies, husband and puppy, but overall it was amazing to have them here for 5 days and I wish we could see each other more often. They've seen me through thick and thin, and I love them so much!
My beautiful little ginger, Ashley!

The peanut butter to  my jelly, Lindsey!

Jaxon's 5th birthday is on October 4th (as well as mine, I had him on my 20th birthday!) and we are planning a Hot Wheel's themed birthday party at Papa Louie's house. I have rented a water slide and we plan to BBQ and just hang out with friends and family. My family from Odessa will not be able to make it unfortunately, but we're going to have a blast anyway! I'm having a little anxiety about being 25. I know, I know, that's not even old, but I just feel like life is flying by so fast and that I am trying so hard to keep up.I just feel like I was supposed to have so much more accomplished by now, have traveled so much more, should be in a better financial state, etc. I just need to take a xanax chill and remember that God's in control and I'm exactly where I'm meant to be, right? Right. Thank you for reading!

Recipe time!

Time for an awesome recipe that my mother in-law shared with me. Now, let me just say that I have a "recipe" tab on my blog but don't know how to use it. So, until I figure it out, recipe posts will be mixed in with regular posts. Capiche? Okay! Let's get started. This recipe is SO easy and so awesome. 


1 pkg reg size Oreo cookies, crushed
1 (8oz) pkg cream cheese, softened
1 pkg white almond bark
1 pkg chocolate almond bark

Using a blender or hand held mixer, mix oreos and cream cheese together.
Roll into walnut size balls.
Chill for an hour.
Melt approx 3/4 pkg of white almond bark.
Stick a toothpick in an Oreo ball and dip it in the melted white almond bark.
Allow to harden on wax paper. Takes about 15 minutes.
While waiting, melt about 1/4 pkg of chocolate almond bark.
When Oreo balls are not longer sticky to the touch, decorate with drizzles of chocolate and white almond bark. (I just use a sandwich bag with a tiny hole cut in one corner to drizzle the almond bark.
Prep time: 2hrs   Total time: 2hrs   Yield: 25-35 walnut size candies
Yes, they look like turds, but they are best dang turds you'll ever eat!

*Here's what I did differently:
Instead of using white almond bark I only used the chocolate (I think it just tastes better) and because I am cheap/lazy, I didn't decorate them after they were dipped in chocolate. Unfortunately, there were many times my oreo ball fell off the toothpick into the bark. After that happened about 1457 times, and the balls started to fall apart in the chocolate,  I just said to heck with it and poured the chocolate on top of the balls. The balls didn't get chocolate on the bottom of them obviously, but they still looked and tasted great and they stayed in tact. Also, my chocolate wouldn't melt down to a runny consistency. It was always thick and started to burn once I tried to melt it down more. I've heard of adding vegetable oil to the chocolate to get it runnier, but that sounded gross, so I used a bit of milk 'til I got it to the consistency I could work with, and they came out great! Happy eating!